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Finding the right support so that families can move forward

We offer a range of assessments designed specifically for the needs of the families staying with us.

Prior to arrival, potential residents must undertake a thorough risk assessment. During each resident’s stay with us, we carry out other assessments based on their needs and what is suggested in their Resident Plan.

Every assessment we carry out includes regular progress reports. We also hold frequent review meetings where all professionals involved in an individual’s care can catch up on the progress of them and their family or raise any issues of concern.

Details of our assessments can be found below.

Parenting assessments

We offer a high level of staff supervision, which includes continuous monitoring via CCTV and one-to-one support when it is required. This closeness provides the opportunity for parents/carers and children to work closely with our dedicated staff.

Our staff observe, assess and support parents and carers, helping them to develop and improve their skills. They also give parents and carers the tools to evaluate whether there are any potential risks of harm or danger to their children if they were to return home with the parent or carer in their community.

In our non-judgemental and caring environment, we provide a bespoke assessment focused on social work for each resident family. The aim is to find out, amongst other things, the levels of risk in the family, the support needed to help them thrive and their long-term goals.

PAMS assessments

Sometimes, social services use PAMS assessments to appraise parents and families. They tend to be used when there are child protection concerns.

PAMS assessments help professionals gain an insight into a parent or carer's understanding of child care and development, behavioural management, independent living skills, safety, hygiene, parental health, relationships, support and the environmental and community aspects of parenting.

Each parenting skill area is assessed on an evidence-requiring basis. Once the assessment is complete, the assessor has a clear family profile which highlights any parental support needs and any child protection issues.

Substance misuse assessments and prescription

More often than not, residents who are experiencing problems with substance misuse will disclose this information when they have their pre-residency assessment, and as such will have worked in cooperation with local treatment services to arrange help.

If this is not the case, we are able to offer a substance misuse assessment to determine what help is needed, if any. Help can come in the form of a referral to local support services, substitute prescribing, therapy or group work.

Risk assessments

Before and throughout a resident's time with us, we carry out a variety of risk assessments. They can be used to identify a risk of violent behaviour, self-harm, physical abuse, sexual abuse or other similar threats. The assessments evolve as each resident's journey progresses to ensure they are as safe as can be while under our care.