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How families can access our services and begin their brighter future

It’s important for us to establish whether someone is suited and ready to take part in our services before they become a resident.

All prospective referrers must complete a referral form, which allows them to supply information to us ahead of their suitability being reviewed by our staff.

Once we have this, we will contact the party who referred the prospective resident to discuss placement at the centre.

What prompts a referral

Many things can prompt a referral. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A need for a specialist residential assessment or PAMS assessment, identified through court proceedings or a case conference
  • Child protection concerns arising from a parent or carer’s ability to keep their children safe and free from neglect
  • The initiation of care proceedings
  • Where there is a risk of foster placement or adoption due to parents lacking the necessary parental abilities
  • Where there is genuine concern in regards to the safety of children or babies
  • Where at least one parent or carer has a mild to moderate learning disability
  • Where a parent or carer was recently released from prison
  • Where a pregnant woman was recently released from prison

How to make a referral

Referrals come directly from Local Authorities and professionals, such as Social Workers and Solicitors.

If you wish to discuss a referral, please contact us on 01656 333637 or email us at info@familycrosspoint.co.uk

Every referral is considered in detail before any decisions are made.