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Our bespoke 12-week programme meets each family's specific needs

No two families are the same, so we have a journey plan that we personalise to each of our residents.

This plan describes a typical placement on our 12-week residential programme. Please note that some stages of the journey may vary from person to person.

Before Admission

Before admission to Family Crosspoint

1. Referral submitted to Family Crosspoint

A referral is made by a health and welfare professional (such as someone working in social services, family law, mental health or general medical care), an individual or a prospective resident's family member.

2. Viability assessment carried out

Once we receive the referral, our team of admission staff review it. They check to see if the prospective resident is eligible, suitable and ready to be admitted for our services. This sometimes involves contact between us and the person who sent the referral

During Admission

Once admitted to Family Crosspoint

3. Plan and journey of progress decided

Once the key resident and their accompanying family members are settled, we sit with them to identify what issues need to be addressed. We plan goals for the individuals involved and the family as a whole unit.

4. Support delivered

The workshops and support identified are carried out (workshops are every day and usually take an hour), with continual assessment and in-house staff available 24 hours a day for support and advice. This includes progress meetings as well as individual progress summaries.

Leaving Crosspoint

Before leaving Family Crosspoint

5. Plans for discharge discussed

Multiple meetings take place between the residents, their family and the professionals involved in their care. This includes looking at if and how they can be assisted once they leave Family Crosspoint.

On leaving Family Crosspoint

7. Resident transition takes place

The resident is discharged from the residential centre and supported as they transition back into their home community. External agencies provide necessary services to ensure the transition is smooth and that the family is safe, re-settled and has its needs met.

The Crosspoint Journey

Referral submitted to Family Crosspoint Viability assessment carried out Pre-admission visit arranged and provisional admission date set Plan and journey of progress decided Support delivered Plans for discharge discussed Resident transition takes place