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Further information about our transformative programme and purpose-built facility

Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions we receive. If you have a question about Family Crosspoint that is not covered on our website, please feel free to contact us directly.

What do I need to bring with me?

Your room will be ready for you to move in to on your confirmed start date. As a purpose-built facility, we provide all furniture, kitchen equipment, utensils and basic entertainment items including a television and DVD player. You will need to bring clothes and toiletries for yourself and residential family members.

We are very happy for you to bring some personal possessions, such as a few photographs, some little keepsakes and your children's favourite cuddly toys. We want you to feel at home while you are with us, so personalising your space with such things is fine by us. If you're in doubt over whether to bring something, just contact your social worker or us to check.

Can I visit the Family Crosspoint centre before I move in?

Of course! We encourage all prospective residents to have an initial visit to the centre before their arrival. You can arrange this with your social worker or by calling us directly.

Can I smoke in my living area?

No. The entire building has a strict no smoking policy. There is an outdoor shelter on the grounds for smoking and vaping.

How long will I stay at the centre?

Each family has different circumstances, so this will vary depending on your identified needs and the progress that you make. The usual length of stay is approximately 12 weeks.

Am I allowed visitors?

Yes. We encourage family and friends to visit you during your time with us. All visits must be approved by centre staff and/or your social worker prior to the visit. This is for the security of both your family and other residents as we have a duty to manage access to the premises.

Will there be other families there?

Yes. Family Crosspoint has space for up to 12 families at any one point in time. You do not need to be concerned about the security of your room; only you and certain members of staff can open it. Confidentiality is paramount and will be respected at all times. We do not share your case information with the other families at the centre.

Is there CCTV?

For the safety of residents, we operate CCTV at all times throughout the unit, excluding the shower/bathing areas. This is a compulsory requirement made by the regulators. Privacy for couples is respected where possible; for more information, please speak to a staff member.

Who will do my laundry?

Residents are expected to do their own laundry. We provide full laundry facilities on site and will happily show you how to use them if you ask us to.

Am I allowed to go out with my baby?

Yes, subject to agreement with staff members and support services such as social services. You may have to be accompanied by a member of staff in some instances.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, you won’t have to pay anything to us to stay but you will be expected to provide your own items as you would in your own home such as food, hygiene products, detergent etc

How will I know I am progressing?

There will be regular meetings with staff throughout your stay which will update you on your progress and will highlight any areas which you are improving and will also help focus on any areas that need developing.

What are the rules?

Before you arrive for your stay you will be given a resident’s handbook that will contain all the centre rules.

Who will look after my child when I go out?

Childcare can be provided at an extra cost and will need to be arranged with some notice given.

Will my benefits stop?

No, in most instances they will carry on as normal, Social Services will arrange for a temporary change of address and help with any other arrangements needed.

What will happen to my rented house?

In most instances your social worker will discuss with the landlord.

Will all my children be able to stay in the unit?

On most occasions yes but this may depend on the number of children and how full we are at that time.

Will my older child still attend school and how will they get there?

Yes, Family Crosspoint and social services will arrange transport, other options will be available.

Can I bring my own car?

Yes providing it is fully taxed, insured and roadworthy.